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How It Works

Please bear with us as we finish constructing our website.  We’ve been so excited to get this open that we just didn’t want to wait a minute longer!

My name is Robbie aka Nonnie and I would like to tell  you a little bit about Nonnie’s Meals and how it works.

Nonnie’s Meals was started to help alleviate the stress of wondering what to cook every night for busy people.  We want to give everyone yummy, nutritious, preservative free, home cooked meals that are easy to pop in the oven (or microwave depending) and make clean up a breeze as well.

We offer a wide variety of available meals that we list each week found on "This Weeks Menu".  We also email or text to those who prefer that method of communication.

We also do our best to accommodate people with special requirements such as those needing  gluten free or dairy free options.  If that is a requirement for you, please ask.   We offer KETO friendly meals as well.

We offer a  “Standard Menu” you can order from if you prefer.  When ordering from the “Standard Menu” we ask that your order be in by Tuesday at 8pm so we can have your meals ready for you by the weekend

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